Cancelling Apple Music

Like many as soon as the Apple music service started I immediately jumped on to the trial.

If you did the same please remember that the trial will end on the 30th of September. I have not utilised the service so it would be a waste to actually continue the service. Continue reading “Cancelling Apple Music”

PacktLib Hit or Miss


Since writing this review the service has changed dramatically. I currently have no experience of the current service as I cancelled some time ago. I was faced with a situation where my debit card would be blocked as soon as payment for the service was taken. I alerted Packtpub however received little support.


Anyone who is familiar with programming books have probably come across Packt Publishing even if they have not bought any of their books.

As well as allowing people to buy books and e-books from their website they also provide another intriguing service. This service is called PacktLib. PacktLib enables you to purchase a monthly subscription to their complete library

The subscription (which is currently £15 a month) allows you to read any book that Packt have ever published (new or old). This month I decided that I would take the plunge and purchase a subscription to the service to see how it is. Continue reading “PacktLib Hit or Miss”