Potential Security Issue With iPhone App

I recently decided to purchase an app from the iPhone app store. I do not do this often but I believe that this app would be extremely useful.

The app I decided to download was SSH Term Pro. As the name suggests this is a SSH terminal app for the iPhone and iPad. Of course this makes it extremely easy to manage your server on the move. The application allows you to add unlimited amount of servers details so you can quickly and easily connect up to a server that you manage. The application also allows you to lock it down so that you can only access the application fully once you have entered a password that you had set up.

Unfortunately on investigation everything is not as good as I had hoped: Continue reading “Potential Security Issue With iPhone App”

Security Implications With iPhone’s Siri Feature

Recently Apple released the iPhone 4s with IOS5. One of the more exciting features that came from this is the Siri feature. Siri enables you to give your phone voice commands to carry out certain tasks and is very intelligent in that it understand context etc.

Unfortunately however it appears that Apple have opened up some security implications with this feature. Continue reading “Security Implications With iPhone’s Siri Feature”

Steve Jobs Dies At The Age Of 56

The news has just emerged that Steve Jobs has lost his battle with illness. Steve Jobs has died today at the age of 56. This is a very sad day and 1 that marks the death of a very influential member of the industry. Continue reading “Steve Jobs Dies At The Age Of 56”