The 2 Faces Of Google

Google has recently joined a consortium of companies and individuals in calling for reform with the Patriot Act over in the US. Google argues that the mass collection of data should be limited. I whole heartedly agree with this however what does stick in the throat somewhat is the fact that Google seem to believe that they are entitled to carry out their own surveillance on people through nefarious means.

Recently Google had appealed a decision against the right for European people to have the right to sue them over the fact that they had collected data bypassing the security settings within the Safari browser (commonly used on Macs, iPhones and iPads). According to the article on the BBC Google’s 2 principal arguments against the right to sue were as follows.

  1. No financial loss caused by the privacy breach can be proven by any affected people.
  2. Google is a US company and should not be sued in the UK.

I find it quite ironic that Google would like to be seen as a company championing the rights of the people however flagrantly disregarding the rights of the consumer.

This is not the first time that Google has been embroiled in privacy breaches. In 2010 Google had been found collecting data from unsecured wi-fi while capturing street view images. It was also found that they had also not deleted the data once found as they had promised to do so. In this case not only did Google “accidentally” capture the data but they also “accidentally” kept some of the data. Appears Google are quite clumsy.

As things stand at present we are the product Google sells, be it to webmaster’s or advertisers the data about what we do, the pages we visit and what we buy is invaluable to them. While this model continues Google will have little regard for privacy.

This of course is not an issue limited to Google. Many other companies such as Facebook have a similar disregard to privacy.

Nirvana For Christmas Number 1

Some of you may remember that last year there was a campaign on Facebook to get Rage Against The Machine as the Christmas number 1. That campaign became a great success and thwarted last year’s X-Factor hijacking the charts as they usually do.

Well this year there is another campaign. This year’s campaign is to try and get Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit to the number 1 spot. This year the Christmas charts are actually on Christmas day so any copies of this song bought from now until 23:59 on December the 24th will count towards the campaign

I have bought my copy already. Have you?

Click here for more information on the Nirvana Facebook campaign.

Are Twitter Psychic

The obvious answer to this is course  no however I did wonder for a while.

I recently signed up to Twitter (begrudgingly) and after a while I started to find people I really knew being suggested as people in my “Who To Follow” list.

This got me thinking, I have been very specific with the information that I have posted on Twitter. I have also been very specific with who I follow. None of my posts relate or are similar subjects to tweets by other people I know, nor do any of the people I follow (or follow me) have any relation to the people I know out in the real world. This of course got me somewhat confused as to how Twitter knew I had a link to these people. Continue reading “Are Twitter Psychic”