Help Audit Truecrypt

Over the last couple of months Edward Snowden has shown us how intrusive governments has been. This has also raised questions such as how safe are you when using encryption software.

As Truecrypt is 1 of the more popular encryption solutions there is a vested interest for the NSA, GCHQ and other spy organisation in breaking the protection that these provide. There have also been suggestions that the NSA have attempted to coerce software developers in actively introducing backdoor’s into their software.

To date there has not been any large-scale security audits on the Truecrypt source code. Well this is about to change.

A team of people have started an Indiegogo Campaign.The campaign has already met the starting target however please do not let this influence your decision in backing the campaign. The more money pledged the better the results for the audit. The money will ensure that those carrying out the audit are properly compensated and funds are available to entice people in reporting bugs that they fund.

Be sure to back the Truecrypt Audit on Indiegogo.