Projects and Tasks

The following are my idea for projects and tasks that I am either working on or are planning for the future.

Raspberry Pi – Location Aware Media Server

I have written a post detailing my plans for this project (Raspberry Pi Media Server Details). The basic gist is that I am creating a media server that will be able to identify which room a user is in and stream music to speakers situated in that rom, if the user moves room the music follows. The ultimate aim would be for this to be multi user therefore would need a system written that considers who owns a certain zone (for example a child may own there own room s will play their music however another user i.e. A parent would be able to disable the system in that room.

Become a Linux Foundation Certified Engineer

As with the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator I am unsure of the value of the certificate however again it will give me a reason to brush up on my Linux skills. I have already purchased the exam as they had $150 off recently.

Become a Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator

Become Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator. I am unsure if this is a proper accredited qualification however it will give me a reason to brush u on Linux skills.

Create cPanel/WHM iPhone App

This project has been started many times and really does need to get finished. Basically an app that allows you to manage your WHM server using the API. A companion app would allow customers to manage their cPanel account. Potential that this would be white labelled.

Create To Do List Lottery Script

Just a silly script I had the idea for a while back. The script would allow you to load your to do list. You could specify that a to do item relies on other items being done first. You would also specify how much time each task should take. The script would then allow you to visit and specify how much time you have. It would then randomly pick a task that fits the time criteria.

Domain Portfolio Calculator

A tool written in PHP that allows you to see who the cheapest registrar would be to manage your portfolio. The main part of this is actually created, just need to sort a website for it and include more registrars prices.

Domain Portfolio Manager v2

Some years ago I created a domain portfolio manager which was fairly popular. This has been neglected somewhat and I have been meaning to create v2.

PHP Certification

Become PHP certified

Redevelop This Blog

The blog has been neglected for some time. I am not so sure I need the power of WordPress either and Sculpin. I may decide against this but the blog does need an overhaul. This also includes rewriting some of the old articles.

WordPress Security Plugin

A plugin that uses the WPScan Vulnerability Database. This would check the plugins, themes and core WordPress install with known vulnerabilities in the database.


Crossword Maker

Bitbucket Repository

Simple HTML and javascript tool for making crosswords. The script can use AJAX to upload to a server. The script to show the crossword will be able to tell the user if their solutions are correct.