November Project – WordPress Security Plugin

Last month I mentioned that to help me develop further as a programmer and to be motivated that I would be working on a new project every month.

In October I decided to create a Crossword creation script that has now been completed (with some bugs still so still stuff to do). I have posted the outcome on a public BitBucket Repository. Feel free to download and play with the script. I have created some bugs and feature enhancement requests myself so there is stuff to work on.

Now for the plans for November.

I have chosen to create a WordPress security plugin. I had planned on making this sometime ago. The plugin will use the WPScan Vulnerability Database. There is a similar project in the WordPress database however no reason not to create another.

The planned features are as follows:

  • Script to automatically check installed plugins for entries in the database paying attention to version number.
  • Script to automatically check core for entries in the database paying attention to version number.
  • Admin page restricted to admin members only.
  • Admin can choose how to receive alerts (email, admin panel alerts etc).
  • Admin can choose if they wish to disable vulnerable plugins.
  • Admins can choose which plugins are protected from disabling (such as disabling an SEO plugin may stop the blog working correctly).

Have you any suggestions for potential features?

ETA will be 01/12/15 which is achievable.

Tell us your thoughts

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