Developing And Monthly Projects.

As many people know it can be very easy to make plans however harder to action them. I seem to be very good at procrastination and less so of removing things from my to do list.

To help me focus and get into the swing of programming I have decided that I need to set myself proper tasks with a set time for completion. To make sure that I carry through I am also going to be posting updates on my blog.

The plan is to start a new project on the 1st of every month, once the end of the month arrives I should have a project that I can then release. This does not necessarily mean the product will be perfect but in a state that I am happy to show others and essentially gives me something to build upon in future. Some of these may remain proof of concepts therefore will never be in a finalised state.

I have now set myself a bucket list, over time I will mark off those that are completed and add new tasks and projects to the list.

For my first month I am working on a simple Crossword Maker. This will not necessarily be something that will result in a finalised project but aims at getting me back into the swing of programming again.

The requirements of this are quite simple. For creating the crossword we have:

  1. User decides on the grid size for the crossword and this is output to the browser
  2. User can select which boxes are blank.
  3. User enters the answers into the crossword
  4. Script automatically creates numbered clue placeholders
  5. User can specify the question
  6. javascript submits the structure of the crossword to a PHP script
  7. Potential to have a script automatically generate the crossword with specified answers so that the creator doesn’t have to crate the layout.

For allowing people to complete the crossword:

  1. Script fetches the structure from the server and outputs this
  2. User manually enters the answers into the crossword grid
  3. If a user clicks on a clue when the user starts to enter the answer it automatically puts the letters into the correct locations.
  4. User can click on a button to check the solutions, the javascript submits the answers to the server and this specifies either correct or incorrect.
  5. Another potential would be to have a cheat option that fills in a letter for a chosen clue.


What do you guys think? How do you keep yourself motivated and staying on task? How about suggestions for projects?

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