Cancelling Apple Music

Like many as soon as the Apple music service started I immediately jumped on to the trial.

If you did the same please remember that the trial will end on the 30th of September. I have not utilised the service so it would be a waste to actually continue the service.

The following are the instructions for cancelling the its subscription (the instructions will still work after the trial).

Firstly you need to open iTunes. Once opened click on the ‘store’ menu and select View ‘Account’ (on windows you can find this menu by holding down alt + f). This will prompt you to log into your apple account. Once logged in you will be presented with an overview of your account.

Locate the settings section near the bottom:

iTunes Account Settings Area
iTunes Account Settings Area

As you can see the 5th option is subscriptions. On the right-click ‘Manage’.

On this new screen you will have the option to disable ‘Automatic Renewal’.

Please note although there is a ‘Done’ button the setting does take effect immediately so please only turn this off if you do wish to cancel the subscription.

It is worth notice that even though you have canceled the subscription the service will continue working until the date specified in the ‘Your Subscription’ area. Therefore you can cancel at any time and continue to use the service up until the end of the trial so you are free to cancel now without the possibility of incurring any charges.

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