Spammers Getting Clever?

While perusing my emails today I had the usual foray of spam and phishing emails that I always tend to receive. While looking through though I found this example.

Hi there Peter,

I can see you have signed up with one of our casinos in the past and didn’t claim your welcome bonus… so I’ve been told by my supervisor to look after you!

To begin with, you will need to click on the below link I have generated for you:

Then follow the steps on the page to claim your new €£$1200 sign up bonus.

I’m glad to be of service and hope you enjoy the rest of your day! If you have any technical issues don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Kind regards,

CasinoRewards Loyalty Team


From: Paul – CasinoRewards Loyalty Supervisor
Sent: 26/09/2012
To: Loyalty CasinoRewards
Subject: RE: Peter McDonald sign up offer authorization


I’ve had a look at Peter’s account and i think you’re right, it’s a shame they’ll miss out on a bonus just because they didn’t get to chat with you!

Can you do me a favour and get back to Peter ASAP?

Also what email address have you been trying? I can see two email address entries in the system. Have you tried this one – ?


CasinoRewards Loyalty Supervisor


From: Loyalty CasinoRewards
Sent: 26/09/2012
To: Paul – CasinoRewards Loyalty Supervisor
Subject: Peter McDonald sign up offer authorization

Hey Paul,

Hope you’re well. Just a quick mail with regards to one of my existing players – I tried to contact a player called Peter the other day because they never claimed their sign up bonus.
I didn’t really manage to talk to them and i think it’s unfair that they won’t get it now! I’ve had a look at their CasinoRewards account and I think they deserve the €£$1200 sign up bonus.

Just wanted to double check with you that I could authorize a new €£$1200 sign up bonus for Peter?

Kind regards,

CasinoRewards Loyalty Team


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As you can see they have actually put some effort into this to try to convince people that it is genuine. The email now comes across more conversational and they are trying to give you something. They have really tried to make the email look like they have spoken with other people regarding your “account”. I have never seen this done properly in spam emails and adds a lot to the perceived credibility.

A couple of mistakes they have made however. The email address they have sent this too is too an email account that is only every used for whois (as is obvious if you look at the email). They have been clever and coupling this up with the name in the whois as well so that it is personalised.

On investigating this it appears apparent that this spam has been circulating for a few months now. I am surprised I have not received this before.

It is unclear what they are benefiting from this. The main possibilities are confirming your email is used or to gain affiliate fees for your referral (or possibly both). I have of course not clicked the links to find out.

Don’t be caught out by these emails.

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