My First iPhone App

Last May I finally succumbed and joined the Apple iOS Developer Program. During this time I have ben learning objective-c and trying to decide what app I should make.

I have now decided and started on my first proper iPhone application. So far it has been a fairly steep learning curve as I have not programmed overly in languages such a objective-c in the past. While learning there was also quite a big shift in how you go about things. For example with the release of iOS 5 you should now use the storyboard feature. A bigger change which to be honest that has helped me quite a bit is the introduction of reference counting and a proper garbage collector.

While the language that I use the most is moving more towards the programmer deciding when to clear memory (PHP) objective-c is moving in the opposite direction.

The app I have decided to create first is going to be an app to help administer a cpanel/whm server. At present I am about half way through the coding and have a friend looking into the images for me. Now the decision is should it be free or a nominal fee. Another possibility of course is to have a lite version and a fully featured version.

Hoping to have the a fully functional test app up and running within 2 weeks. Looking forward at seeing what the publishing process for apps is like. I already have plans for a 2nd app.

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