Apple Release iTunes Match In The UK

Several months ago Apple announced the iTunes Match service which allows users to have their non-iTunes purchases associated with their account and for them to have the ability to download high quality versions of the songs (256 kbps with no DRM).

The service sounded great but 1 disappointment I had was that the service was not available in the UK.Well now with unusually underwhelming fanfare from Apple they have now released the service within the UK. There appears to be no mention of this in any press release. Luckily I was just wondering if there was any word of a release date and came across articles by numerous respected news corporations. It apparently got released a couple of days ago.

Now when you log into the iTunes store you will see iTunes Match in the Quick Links box (alternatively click here for iTunes Match, this will open in a new browser and automatically open iTunes).

The cost of the service is £21.99 a year. There is not much information on the page but it does give a couple of limitations. For example there is a limit of 10 devices that can sync up (not many will go over this). There is also a limit of 25,000 songs, this will not be an issue for most but I do envisage me going over this within a year or so.

I plan on giving this service a whirl once I get paid to see how good the service is.

—UPDATED 07/05/2012—

I finally got around to purchasing iTunes Match. Out of the roughly 11500 songs I have in my library I had to upload around 3500. Took some time but it has finally finished.

Once I have used the service for a while I will be carrying out a review of the service.

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