Finally Some Good Domaining News

A couple of years ago I used to be a mod and staff member on 1 of the bigger domaining forums. Namely Namepros. Being a member of staff over there I got to know about things as they happened.

Back on the 28th of February in 2009 I started to become aware of the theft and attempted sale of some domain names. 1 of these domain names was very good indeed. That domain was By the time the theft came to light it was too late for the rightful owner to do anything about it as the domain had been transferred from GoDaddy to eNom.Over a few weeks I had some communication with the rightful owner and he was quite down hearted as he believed he had lost the domain for good. The registrars involved showed a complete unwillingness to do anything about the theft. Luckily there were some swift actions between the staff at Namepros and DNForum (thanks Johnn) that helped thwart the sale of the domain name. The seller was trying to sell the domain from anything ranging between $100 through too $3,500.

I personally posted reports of the stolen domain on both forums (Namepros, DNForum).

Well now to the good news. Today the original owner of the domain name (ggot) has reported that after a long struggle the domain has finally been returned. Full details of this are not currently at hand but I hope to find out how this was managed.

I am sure you will agree however this is extremely good news.

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