Security Implications With iPhone’s Siri Feature

Recently Apple released the iPhone 4s with IOS5. One of the more exciting features that came from this is the Siri feature. Siri enables you to give your phone voice commands to carry out certain tasks and is very intelligent in that it understand context etc.

Unfortunately however it appears that Apple have opened up some security implications with this feature.

Usually prior to being able to get any information from a phone you would need to unlock it. 1 of the locking methods that you have with the iPhone is to input a 4 digit code into the phone prior to gaining access. The implementation of Siri allows us to bypass this security.

By simply holding down the home button regardless of whether the iPhone is unlocked or not Siri will be ready for commands. This enables you to dictate many commands most of which are harmless however as the below video demonstrates you can for example obtain phone numbers. he security implications are not limited to actually gaining numbers, you can also make phone calls in a similar fashion.

Luckily enough there is a workaround to resolve this issue. Siri can be disabled if the phone is locked (shame this is not set by default).

As the video demonstrates to disable Siri while the phone is locked you need to go into the settings menu. Once in settings go into general then passcode lock. Once in passcode lock and you have entered your password simply switch Siri off. Once this has been done Siri will no longer work when the iPhone is locked however will work if the iPhone is unlocked.

I hope this is issue will be resolved quickly.

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