Steve Jobs Dies At The Age Of 56

The news has just emerged that Steve Jobs has lost his battle with illness. Steve Jobs has died today at the age of 56. This is a very sad day and 1 that marks the death of a very influential member of the industry.

Not only has Apple (under Steve Jobs guidance) helped shape the way in which we use computers but Steve also helped shape what people expect from a device when listening to music (iPod, iPod Nano), the functionality of the mobile phone (no other company made a success of the principle of apps until the iPhone) and of course the most recent success, the growth of the tablet (iPad).

Steve will never be forgotten and his legacy will live on well beyond the technology that he helped develop.

Rest In  Peace Steve.


Press Releases:

Statment By Apple Board Of Directors
Tim Cook Email2


Bill Gates (Microsoft)
Barrack Obama (US President)

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

Larry Page (Google)
Sergey Brin (Google)

Visual Tributes

Apple's Steve Job Tribute
Apple’s Steve Job Tribute

Google's Steve Job Tribute
Google’s Steve Job Tribute

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