Registering .Fi Domain Names

For those that are unaware .fi is the ccTLD for Finland. Unlike some ccTLD’s Ficora (they manage the fi regsitry, the site is available in Finnish, Swedish and English) have imposed many restrictions on who can and who cannot register .fi domain names.As this page states you can only register an .fi domain name if:

  • are 15 years of age;
  • have a Finnish personal ID number; and
  • live in a Finnish municipality.


  • companies and private entrepreneurs;
  • Finnish public bodies and state enterprises;
  • independent public corporations and public associations; and
  • diplomatic missions of a foreign state which have been entered into the Finnish trade register or into the Finnish registers of associations or foundations.

What is not explicitly mentioned here is that even if you are a business you do have to either be registered as a business in Finland or to have an office located in Finland.

Apart from the registration requirements there is also a restriction that is not usually placed on domain names. For a registration to be fully successful you are required to add the DNS entries on the nameservers that you are placing on the domain name. If you do not do this prior to registering the domain name you will see something like the following on the whois:

status:   Technical Error
created:  11.8.2011
expires:  11.9.2011
nserver: [ERROR]
nserver: [ERROR]

As you can see the the status of the domain is sitting at technical error and beside both nameservers we have [ERROR]. If after 1 month the DNS has not been rectified the domain registration will be revoked. There is no way to force the registry to check the nameservers again, this will be carried out automatically and periodically.

If you have hosting on a cPanel server you will be unable to add the domain as a parked domain as it will state that the nameservers are invalid. You will need to manually add a DNS zone within WHM (or if you have no access ask your host).

Like any ccTLD prior to registering a domain name ensure that you do meet the minimum requirements necessary. As per the terms and conditions of the registry if you are found to have lied or not to meet the requirements the registration can and will be revoked.

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