When A Company Should Man Up

On the 20th of April Sony found that they had a security breach within their services. 7 days later they closed the PSN network and the Quriocity service and announced that 75 million customer details have been stolen.As well as the personal data being stolen Sony are unable to deny if credit card details have been stolen. Since this happened the PC online  gaming service has also been closed with an announcement that a further 25 million customers have been affected. On top of this they have found that at least 20,000 credit card details have been stolen (European and Australian customers).

Now from the start the handling of the issue has been a farce from Sony. It took 7 days for Sony to announce details had been stolen. Sony also refuse to confirm to customers which credit card they have used on their services (with no way of checking yourself). To gall people they have also announced that to apologize to customers on the PSN network that they will offer a free 30 day subscription to the Playstation Plus service. Now I know personally that I certainly will not be signing up for Playstation plus. I am not going to be suckered into a marketing ploy by Sony looking to profit from the situation (they will of course be banking on people not canceling the service).

Today the BBC (as well as other news services) ran a story stating the reason the hack happened was because Sony were “distracted by a vigilante attack” perpetrated by the hacktivist group Anonymous. Now how stupid do Sony think we are. Since the attack took place it has come to light that some of the servers were compromised due to the fact that Sony were using outdated software that had KNOWN security flaws. It is about time Sony took responsibility and held there hands up to admit at least partial responsibility.

Microsoft recently set a world record to get the most people running a 100m dash simultaneously. Looks like Sony got jealous and wanted a record of their own, Congratulations Sony you have achieved a new record for the most amount of people with stolen details in an online hack.

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