End Of An Era

Over the last 20 – 30 years the Music industry and computing industry have been dominated by a small metallic and plastic disc. This disc of course is a CD.

In late 70’s and early 80’s Sony developed and demonstrated this remarkable product to the world paving the way for music to be stored at a great quality for a cheap price.  Unlike earlier methods for distributing music (such as the LP and tapes) this method was very strong.1 of the forefathers of this technology was a man named Noria Ohga. In the 80’s and 90’s Noria Ohga was the president of Sony and was instrumental in the development of the CD.

As well as enabling cheap distribution of music the CD enabled an easily distributable mass storage mechanism for the PC. The idea of course was later developed into DVD and Blu Ray. The rise in popularity of the PC can in my opinion be directly attributable to the CDrom as it enabled larger more sophisticated pieces of software (such as operating systems and games) to be distributed to the end user easily.

Now why do I mention this? Well today it has been announced that this man (that very few people have probably heard of) who was very instrumental in the way we work and play has unfortunately passed away at the tender age of 81.

It is sad to see someone who had so much influence over the development of the medium and so little recognition pass away like this.

RIP Noria Ohga

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