Raspberry Pi – Location Aware Media Server Project

Recently I purchased a Raspberry Pi and have been considering what I should do with it.

1 consideration has been to create a location aware media server.  What do I mean by location aware media server? Well most media servers will allow you to create playlists and output to whatever speakers are attached. With my project however I plan on making the system know which room you are in and to then output to speakers in that specific room, if you move room the music will follow.

Prior to jumping into such a project there are a few things that I have to work out as well as to decide the full functionality of the system. Continue reading “Raspberry Pi – Location Aware Media Server Project”

Cancelling Apple Music

Like many as soon as the Apple music service started I immediately jumped on to the trial.

If you did the same please remember that the trial will end on the 30th of September. I have not utilised the service so it would be a waste to actually continue the service. Continue reading “Cancelling Apple Music”

The Rise Of Crowd Funding In The Music Industry

Over recent times it has become a lot more evident that crowd funding is becoming a bigger influence in the music industry. At first I believed this to be more underground and unsigned bands

Since paying closer attention to the crowd funding projects that have been created it has shown be that this is far from being secluded to the newer bands. Continue reading “The Rise Of Crowd Funding In The Music Industry”

Nirvana For Christmas Number 1

Some of you may remember that last year there was a campaign on Facebook to get Rage Against The Machine as the Christmas number 1. That campaign became a great success and thwarted last year’s X-Factor hijacking the charts as they usually do.

Well this year there is another campaign. This year’s campaign is to try and get Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit to the number 1 spot. This year the Christmas charts are actually on Christmas day so any copies of this song bought from now until 23:59 on December the 24th will count towards the campaign

I have bought my copy already. Have you?

Click here for more information on the Nirvana Facebook campaign.

Apple Release iTunes Match In The UK

Several months ago Apple announced the iTunes Match service which allows users to have their non-iTunes purchases associated with their account and for them to have the ability to download high quality versions of the songs (256 kbps with no DRM).

The service sounded great but 1 disappointment I had was that the service was not available in the UK. Continue reading “Apple Release iTunes Match In The UK”